The Ordinary.


 digital products that last.


things that matter.

The Ordinary.

digital products that last.
things that matter.

Part premium software service company Part cybersecurity powerhouse

Your Partner for All Things Digital.

We’re on a mission to enable secure work without boundaries and create digital products that fuel our clients’ growth. We use cutting-edge tech to build futureproof software solutions, with security, privacy, and a cloud-first approach.  

Our entire team is dedicated to delivering:
innovation, excellence, trust, first-in-class experiences.


Extra Pair of Trusted Hands for a Secure Development Life Cycle.

We deploy world-class agile product teams on demand, combined with the latest and most sophisticated cybersecurity services. Even though our set of engineering services is pretty much standard, the way we deliver is where we stand out. Your product is all that matters to us. We’ll build it like it was our own with just the level of service you need. No more. No less.

Team Extension

Extended arm of your existing development and security team – from UI/UX designers and project managers to full-stack developers, QA and DevSecOps engineers.

End-to-End Development

Your fully outsourced engineering department taking your projects from discovery and design all the way to quality assurance, deployment and maintenance.  

Cybersecurity Services

External penetration testing, secure development, incident detection & response, and effective risk & compliance management with a minimal initial investment.

Consulting and Expertise

Helping your team with complex development challenges or improving your architecture and product with the help of subject matter experts and digital know-how.

tech stacks

Delivering the Tech Stack You Need,
Not the Tech Stack We Like.

We’ll use the exact tools and frameworks your project requires without forcing our favorites. Pinky promise.




Made Safe


Driven by Senior Talent, Strong Culture, and Empowering Passion.

We’re a young, cohesive team, and we put our hearts and souls into everything we do. Our vibe is amazingly contagious, and it swells with every new member who joins our team. We challenge each other to find smarter solutions, think outside the box, and always raise the bar. We’re incredibly ambitious – we left our comfort zone behind when we started this journey. Our founding team has 24 years of joint experience in telco, healthcare, aerospace, music, fintech, travel and hospitality industries, for some of the global leaders in their field.

If you care about team power, software craftsmanship, and continuous improvement, you’ll find a home with UN1QUELY. We’re always looking for awesome people.


Trusted by Startups and Industry Giants Worldwide.

Clients from around the world have appreciated our help in delivering exceptional products and services under strict deadlines.

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