Cybersecurity Academy

In today’s digital age where security breaches are becoming commonplace, the world needs more professionals to combat these escalating threats.

UN1QUELY Cybersecurity Academy

is on a mission to empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become one of these sought-after professionals.
Whether you’re a company looking to train your staff to be at the forefront of cybersecurity (team training) or an individual aiming for a promising career in the field (individual plan), we’ve got you covered!

How Are We Different?

UN1QUELY has gathered experts from every corner of the cybersecurity domain. We offer our participants a unique perspective, allowing them to see the world through the eyes of an attacker, a defender, and a manager. Our cybersecurity academy offers the only training program of its kind in the entire region.

Given its quality and content, such value is a rarity on a much wider level. The curriculum we’ve designed ensures that attendees acquire both a comprehensive understanding and the in-depth skills essential for success in this sector.

Our Approach:

Initial Assessment

Our professionals will conduct a preliminary evaluation to gauge your current skill set, ensuring the training is tailored to your capabilities.

Customized Training

Experienced instructors will provide hands-on sessions either on-site or via virtual classrooms. These sessions are designed to tackle specific cybersecurity challenges that your team currently faces or may encounter in the future.

Continuous Learning

We offer post-training support to our clients, which includes regular updates on emerging threats, follow-up micro-training sessions with evaluations, and access to an online community of security experts.

Participants will have the opportunity to specialize in one of the following cybersecurity roles:

Security Analyst

Incident Response, SOC – Blue team

Information Security Engineer

Security Control Implementation

Information Security Officer

Data Protection System Management – Governance,
Risk, and Compliance

Penetration Tester

Security Testing, Red team


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Start a Career in Cybersecurity

What Our Students Say About Us:

Luka Bojović

Offensive Security Engieneer

Aleksandar Tomašević

Computer Science Student

Sara Bojanović

Junior It Security Consultant

Strahinja Vuksanović

Project Manager

Luka Šućur

Computer Science Student

Dragan Topalović

Information Security and Compliance Manager

I attended a 6-month cybersecurity training course organized by Un1quely Academy, and I must say, it was an outstanding experience. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, and the practical expertise gained throughout their careers was evident in their teaching. What truly impressed me was the quality of the training.... Un1quely Academy provided an extensive array of study materials and professional resources, which greatly enhanced our learning experience. This wealth of resources made it easier to delve into the subject matter and gain a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity. The course structure and methodology were also top-notch. The content was delivered effectively, and the hands-on approach allowed us to apply what we learned in real-world scenarios, which I found immensely valuable. Overall, I couldn't be more satisfied with my decision to enroll in this cybersecurity course. Un1quely Academy not only met but exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of cybersecurity.

Ema Dapčević

MBA | IT Project Manager II @Fernride

Over the last six months, my involvement with UN1QUELY and the Amplitudo Akademija Cybersecurity Program has unfolded as an exceptional journey. This immersive experience has not only deepened my understanding of security management but has also positioned me for potential career advancement. Specifically,... I've gained the essential knowledge for a potential shift from my current role as an IT Project Manager to the esteemed position of an Information Security Officer. The wealth of knowledge provided by UN1QUELY throughout the course has instilled confidence in my ability to play a significant role in ISO27001/2, NIST, and SOC 2 certifications and audits for major corporations across the EU and USA. The entire team exhibited exceptional accessibility, consistently offering one-on-one meetings and extending explanations whenever needed. The professionalism and enthusiasm for educating students were consistently upheld at an exceedingly high standard, leading me to believe that these courses could become integral to the educational curriculum for Montenegrin students. The combination of theoretical insights and practical skills delivered by the outstanding UN1QUELY team has not only significantly motivated me but has also propelled me to explore the subject matter beyond the confines of the classroom. This program has genuinely served as a catalyst for both my personal and professional growth. My sincere appreciation goes out to the entire UN1QUELY team!

Nikolina Kulić

Security and Business Continuity Specialist

Sve će biti u redu na kraju, ako nije u redu, onda nije kraj" je moj životni moto koji me godinama unazad “gura” u pravom smjeru. Tako se, na jednom od “krajeva,” UN1QUELY akademija pojavila u ključnom trenutku za moju buduću karijeru i profesionalno usavršavanje. U Crnoj Gori je cybersecurity do nedavno bio gotovo tabu tema. Zahvaljujući prijateljici... (jer žena ženi nije vuk), ušla sam u za mene novi svijet bez ikakvih očekivanja, spremna da se borim za svoje mjesto pod suncem. Par mjeseci kasnije, UN1QUELY akademija mi je omogućila da u toj borbi ne budem sama. Iskustvo koje sam stekla tokom ovog kursa nije samo obogatilo moje znanje o svijetu cybersecurity-ja, već je takođe oblikovalo i moju ličnost, što dodatno govori o kvalitetu mentora, ali i polaznika akademije. Mentori su se istakli svojim impresivnim pristupom prenošenja znanja, bez doze zadrške da odgovore na sve što nas zanima. Takođe, pokazali su posvećenost svakom pojedincu, uz konkretne primjere iz prakse. Kurs je konstantno interaktivan i omogućava primjenu naučenog u stvarnim situacijama kroz simulacije i vježbe. Stečeno znanje, podrška i savjeti su mi omogućili da već tokom prvog modula uđem u prvi poslovni angažman u svijetu informacijske sigurnosti. Vjerujem da je UN1QUELY porodica bila jedna od ključnih preporuka za novu karijernu fazu u svijetu cyber security-a.

Teodora Petranović

Software Engineer & Cybersecurity Analyst

Hi, I am Teodora, a software developer with a deep passion for cybersecurity. On my way to build a career in this field, I came across Un1quely Academy and it was an experience worth sharing. First and foremost, I really enjoyed their teaching approach, it was such a refreshing departure from the traditional, often dry, topic-learning methods. ... Every topic was presented with a practical approach and real-life scenarios, making it both easy to understand and also fun. The biggest advantage of this academy were the professors. They were genuine mentors because not only did they teach us what we needed to know but also helped us build the mindset needed to succeed in this field. I highly recommend this academy to anyone serious about a career in cybersecurity!

Danijel Dejanović

Offensive Security

Završetak trećeg modula obuke iz sajber bezbednosti bio je nezaboravno iskustvo. Želim se zahvaliti UN1QUELY Cybersecurity Akademiji i svima koji su učestvovali u izvanrednoj organizaciji ovog programa obuke i prilici koju su nam pružili da se usavršavamo u ovom izazovnom polju. Modul 3, koji se fokusira na ofanzivne aspekte..., pružio nam je uvid u svet etičkog hakovanja i tehnike napada na digitalnu infrastrukturu, i posebno mi je privukao pažnju. Predavanja su bila izuzetno sadržajna i zanimljiva, pružajući nam dublje razumevanje kako razmišljaju sajber napadači. Ne mogu a da ne pohvalim naše izvanredne mentore, Damjana Cvetanovića i Miroslava Milićevića, koji su bili dostupni 24/7. Njihova posvećenost, stručnost i podrška bili su ključni za naš uspeh. Pružili su nam inspiraciju za dalje istraživanje i usmeravali nas ka najboljim praksama u sajber bezbednosti. Izvinjavam se ukoliko sam svojom radoznalošću ponekad preterao, ali kao potpuni početnik u ovom modulu, njihova podrška i razumevanje su mi omogućili da brzo napredujem. Sa zadovoljstvom završavam ovaj modul, a motivisan sam da nastavim razvijati svoje veštine i doprinesem sigurnosti digitalnog sveta.


Let’s run through everything you’ll get once you
enroll in this course:

Personalized Approach

A program tailored to your needs and current skillset. Our training is flexible and modular, allowing you to choose the pace, intensity, and specialization that best fits you.

Experienced Mentors

Gain access to unparalleled knowledge and insights. Our instructors are experts working across various fields of cybersecurity, giving you a glimpse into the best practices and current trends in the industry.

Hands-on Skills

Equipping you for the real world, our curriculum focuses on real-life scenarios and challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals, preparing you to tackle them efficiently and professionally.

Guide to Successful Employment

Our mentors will share invaluable insights about what employers in this sector are looking for, helping you stand out and simplifying your job search. This benefit applies to the course “Start a Career in Cybersecurity” specifically.

Multiple Specializations

Allowing you to pursue your passion, our academy offers you the chance to focus on various areas of cybersecurity, whether it’s in defensive, offensive, or managerial roles.

Cybersecurity Community

Here, you can exchange experiences, meet new friends and collaborators, and stay connected with our network of experts who’ll offer regular updates on emerging threats and solutions.

Our Mentors

Branko Džakula

Cybersecurity Executive (vCISO), Entrepreneur & Educator. Co-founder of UN1QUELY & Secfix with over a decade of experience in information security.
Certified as a CISM and Senior Lead Implementer for ISO 27001, holding a Master’s degree in Computer Science with a focus on Secure SDLC.

Miroslav Milićević

Offensive security engineer with 7+ years of software engineering background, specializing in web and network penetration testing. Highly engaged in red teaming, drone security, and developing offensive security software.

Certifications: CEH, DSOC, eJPT, C2 development in C#, MCSD

Ivan Čekerevac

Information security engineer, highly certified and professionally trained. Ivan has been safeguarding information systems across diverse IT environments for over 13 years.

Holding a Specialist of Applied Computer Science degree. Certifications: GIAC Network Penetration Tester, Cisco Cyber Ops, and Microsoft 365: Security Administrator Associate.

Damjan Cvetanović

Seasoned cybersecurity expert with over 6 years of experience, Damjan has transitioned from being an elite penetration tester into a role of governing information security systems. Renowned in the cybersecurity field in Serbia, he currently serves as the Information Security Officer at UN1QUELY.

Certifications: OSCP, Security+, eMAPT, VHL Advanced+, and CISM.

Academy Manager

Strahinja Vuksanović

Project manager with experience in leading various cybersecurity projects. One of the first students at the UN1QUELY Cybersecurity Academy, now contributing to UN1QUELY’s efforts in addressing the cybersecurity skills gap in the industry.


Enrollment requirements vary widely depending on the selected course. Please visit the course you are interested in to inquire about the specific requirements. Requirements applicable to all courses include proficient English language skills and a minimum age of 16 years.

Course Pricing

Prices vary depending on the specific course selected. For corporate training, the size of the team directly influences the course price. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the pricing, please visit the page of the course you are interested in. We are pleased to offer the course “Start a Career in Cybersecurity” free of charge, allowing anyone with an interest in cybersecurity to embark on a rewarding career path without financial barriers.

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