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Our primary goal in this course is to prepare participants for junior cybersecurity roles in the industry. Additionally, our mentors will provide valuable advice to facilitate the job placement process.

Phase #1

Introduction to Cybersecurity

This part serves as an introduction to the fundamentals of cybersecurity, providing participants with a comprehensive overview of the digital landscape and its significance in contemporary society.

This is the first phase of the Career in Cybersecurity course. This module delves into the fundamental concepts of cybersecurity, addressing possible career paths, terminology, legal frameworks and ethical principles governing the field.


Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

Equip participants with the knowledge necessary for understanding and operating in the field of cybersecurity.

Introduction to

Understanding the digital environment and its significance in the modern world.

Career in
Information Security

Career paths and opportunities for advancement.

Basic Concepts
and Terminology

Key terms and concepts used in cybersecurity.


Overview of relevant laws and regulations related to cybersecurity.


Learning about ethical standards and codes of conduct in the field of cybersecurity.

Phase #2

Mastering the Cybersecurity Landscape

Upon completing Phase 1, participants will have a foundational understanding of the digital environment and a solid grasp of the legal and ethical principles relevant to cybersecurity.

The next phase of the program offers a comprehensive exploration of three key cybersecurity areas.

Participants will delve into the following modules:

  1. Information Security Management:
  2. Defensive Cybersecurity Operations:
  3. Offensive Cybersecurity Operations:

This approach fosters a deep understanding of cybersecurity, preparing them to tackle diverse challenges and roles within the industry.

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Start a Career in Cybersecurity


Let’s run through everything you’ll get once you
enroll in this course:

Personalized Approach

A program tailored to your needs and current skills. Our training is flexible and modular, allowing you to choose the pace, intensity, and specialization that best fits you.

Experienced Mentors

Gain access to unparalleled knowledge and insights. Our instructors are experts working across various fields of cybersecurity, giving you a glimpse into the best practices and current trends in the industry.

Hands-on Skills

Equipping you for the real world. Our curriculum focuses on real-life scenarios and challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals, prepping you to tackle them efficiently and professionally.

Guide to Successful Employment

Our mentors will share invaluable insights about what employers in this sector are looking for, helping you stand out and simplifying your job search.

Multiple Specializations

Allowing you to pursue your passion. Our academy offers you the chance to focus on different areas of cybersecurity, whether it’s defensive, offensive, or managerial roles.

Cybersecurity Community

Here, you can exchange experiences, meet new friends and collaborators, and stay connected with our network of experts who’ll offer regular updates on emerging threats and solutions.

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